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Hi,  Come on in and browse awhile!!!
I hope that you will spend lots of time here
and find some very interesting topics to view
Let me take a brief moment to introduce myself
and tell you a little bit about "Jeni-Lane's"
I was struck in the early 1970's with the Yorkie
bug while visiting a friend who had just aquired
her new baby...  "Angel"...What an adorable little
doll!!!! I knew I just had to have one...  It was 
"love at first site"!!!
Our Yorkies have been more for companions and 
raised as a "hobby"... 
Although the showing has
been limited, my motto has always been:
"Bred with Care"   "Shown with Pride".
Quality, "Not" Quanity, Temperment, and Soundness
are also one of our main goals...
Vera Sheldon
Jeni-Lanes Yorkshire Terriers

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I would like to take a moment to "acknowledge" a very 
dear and special friend whom I respected and adored... 
Betty Dullinger owner of Leprechaun Kennels
Although she is no longer with us, her knowledge
and expertise in the Yorkshire Terrier world has
been a big stepping stone in our breeding program.
Her  kind words and wealth of knowledge, that she 
shared with so many, is something that I will always
treasure and never forget
"Thank you Betty" for always being there when
 I needed you!!! "You were a one and only"!!!

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